With a grant provided by AHF (Aids Health Foundation), the MACHAO Orphanage Foundation has developed a program on prevention education for boys and girls on gender, HIV and AIDS in Kenya and advocacy for behavior change. This is a three pronged approach:

  • We’re keeping our girls in school by providing Huru Kits. Huru International manufactures “Huru Kits” – drawstring backpacks containing eight reusable pads, three pairs of underwear, detergent-grade soap, and two re-sealable waterproof bags for storing soiled pads. Girls who benefit from the “Huru System” reduce their menstruation-related absences by 87%.
  • We’re providing education on AIDS, HIV Prevention and Self Defense. Huru International educate girls, boys, families and communities about menstrual health, sexual and reproductive health, life skills, gender norms, gender-based violence, and HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • The team at No Means No Worldwide will deliver a rape prevention curriculum to both girls and boys. Their 12-hour curriculum emphasizes interactive verbal skills, role plays and physical training. They teach youth the practical hands on tools to speak up, prevent or intervene in an attack. NMNW has a measurable and proven model that has been verified as primary prevention to stop sexual harassment, assault and rape.